的博士. 维吉利奥·利科纳社区卫生领导奖 is now closed and will open for nominations in the spring of 2022. In the meantime, we encourage you to review the 提名标准 outlined below. 问题,接触 克里琼斯伟德直营平台通讯官员 .

哈加clic aqui 这是我们的首要任务. Virgilio Licona al Liderazgo de la Salud Comunitaria en español. 

A nationally recognized advocate for social justice 和 health of communities experiencing the greatest needs, Dr. Licona contributed to the health of Coloradans as a physician and expert in rural health care delivery and migrant health. His role as a leader – at both the systems- and community-levels – brought a critical voice to some of the most important conversations and decisions related to bringing health in reach for all Coloradans.

在一个纪录片 展示了他毕生的研究成果. Licona eloquently shares his challenging, yet rewarding journey as a grassroots activist:

“这一切,为什么? ... I’ve been able to focus my efforts within the health care arena to push forth those ideals that we had of the Chicano movement of improving the living status of our population, 我们的社区,为正义而战, 争取平等. 为那些我们认为每个人都应该得到的东西而奋斗, 因为我们是人类,我们呼吸空气, 我们在这个星球上,我们在一起.”

This award program recognizes impassioned Coloradans who are finding innovative and effective strategies to overcoming community health barriers across the state. It seeks to honor on-the-ground changemakers – working both at the systems- and community-levels – who are helping Coloradans with the greatest needs thrive today, 明天和未来的岁月里.


  • Recognize impactful efforts advancing social justice for and health improvement of Coloradans who have historically had less power and/or privilege             
  • 推进创新, proven and replicable solutions to address critical health issues in Colorado communities
  • Recognize community health leadership 和 power of community-based leadership in driving positive health outcomes
  • 激励他人向博士方向努力. Licona’s standard of excellence and to honor those whose work embodies his spirit of care, 同情, 激进主义和奉献

通过这个奖励计划, the Foundation recognizes one Coloradan annually who demonstrates distinguished leadership in the communities they serve and in the systems they are working to disrupt for positive change.

A strong nomination application will exhibit the following characteristics:

  • 符合的 伟德直营的基石 which outline who we serve, how our work is informed and our intent to create 卫生公平
  • Advocates and creates a positive impact for advancing social justice and improving the health of Coloradans who have historically had less power and/or privilege
  • Achieves positive systems- and community-level change that advance 卫生公平 for people in their community
  • 为改善该领域的公共政策和做法作出贡献
  • Fosters lasting connections and builds bridges among people with differing backgrounds or viewpoints
  • 表示来自任何领域的基于社区的组织.g., education, health, public safety, housing, economic development, environment, etc.) that shows evidence of improving health outcomes in their community


  • 一定是科罗拉多州的居民
  • Must be making a positive impact on the health of Coloradans who have historically had less power and/or privilege
  • Must have influenced or made a significant contribution to community health and/or public policy in Colorado that advances the Foundation’s efforts to bring health in reach for all Coloradans

Nominations must comply with the following eligibility requirements:

  • 提名将向公众开放
  • 每位提名者可获提名一项
  • 可能的候选人可由一人以上提名
  • 组织可以提名一个以上的人, 但每位候选人只能提交一份提名.*
  • 不会考虑自我提名
  • 没有伟德直营董事会成员, 董事会委员会社区成员, 工作人员或其直系亲属将被考虑
  • 不会考虑死后提名
  • 不会考虑任何民选官员

如欲进一步了解 提名标准 和 2019奖的获奖者观看一段关于博士的生活和遗产的视频. Licona.

The final award winner will be chosen by 伟德直营平台 Board of Directors in the summer of 2021, 获奖者将于今年秋季公布. The award recipient will be offered the opportunity to designate a one-time $20,000 donation to support their work or that of another nonprofit working to improve the health of Coloradans.**

问题,接触 克里琼斯伟德直营平台通讯官员 .

哈加clic aqui 这是我们的首要任务. Virgilio Licona al Liderazgo de la Salud Comunitaria en español.

Dr. 维吉利奥·利科纳社区卫生领导奖获得者

2016 – Dr. Virgilio Licona
2017年——Sundari Kraft
2021 – Dr. 莉莉娅·塞万提斯

*We encourage individuals within an organization to collaborate on submitting a single application per candidate.

**The award donation funds may be distributed to the winner’s Colorado-based charity of choice, but “shall be used for such charities that do not enjoy substantial support through taxation.“结果是, 伟德直营平台 may only make a grant to a publicly-funded organization if the grant supports a specific project that does not receive most of its funding from public dollars.